sleepingwiththeveilsims: You're back!! I missed seeing your awesome pictures and your uniqueness! You have no idea how happy I am that I get to see you awesome photos! Honestly you're like an inspiration to me!!

Thanks! I actually just come back to catch up on everyone from time to time! :) <3333

laundrygnomes: I am usually anon. Scared as hell of people not liking me so I stay behind this pretty gray curtain unless I know the person is just as crazy as me. How's life?

Hah! I am pretty insane, I highly doubt I’ll judge you for that. :3 Life is okay, it’s bearable today surprisingly. ^-^ How fareth the gnomes and laundry? 

neversayenevermore: Viiiiiiiii!!! Hi! I've missed your face around :)

Hello there lovely, missed seeing your photos! They always have such a good story behind them. I shall be creeping soon. :3

Anonymous: Oh no problem!! Sorry about that! And just to be clear I started following because of your gorgeous pictures I just got curious!

Thanks a lot, and there’s really no need for being anon. I don’t bite…. No wait, that’s a lie.(;

simsplaying: Can u give me a shout out


Is that a shoutout? Hope so.(:

Anonymous: Non-sims! I just started following you and I am confused. You and Luke are together in real life?

No, and I’d rather not talk about that. Thanks for following I’m catching up on my notifications and trying to follow everyone back. <3